A la Charm Hamburg.

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3 on August 22, 2018

Club mostly empty. During the weekend a little better. Staff very nice and polite. Not good money.
The club is located in a dirty area full of homeless. The apt for free, but You have to share the room with 2 girls, no cleaning service and the building is really noisy.

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0 on August 22, 2018

Tnx for info.

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1 on September 2, 2018

Hello. Thank you for your feedback!

First of all, we would like to talk about how full the club is. In August it is generally empty in Hamburg because of the school vacations, which happens every year and continues till the beginning of September. In this time we normally don’t engage many dancers.

But the club is not empty at all! The fact is, we have very professional and active dancers working for us and all of them earn very well! Unfortunately, not all newly arrived dancers withstand the competition neither in the visual appearance, nor in their dancing talent, nor in their social skills to present themselves to the club visitors. We have a lot of regular dancers and they are all happy with their earnings!!!

From time to time we do engage new dancers, in order for the regular ones to be able to go on holiday. The photos of the new dancers not always perfectly correspond to their appearance and even if the dancer does not look very attractive, we would still give her a chance to work in the club, in order to avoid humiliating her. And then it is the club that gets blamed for the incompetence of the dancer!

We have a strong competition in the club and we don’t feel responsible if a dancer is not at a level and later even asks for a permanent work, which we of course refuse. That is how you start to be “the bad club”!

Concerning the apartments, we provide them FOR FREE and of course the girls have to clean there themselves! If somebody prefers to stay alone, it is always possible to rent a hotel and pay for it from the own pocket. We propose a very fair choice!

In the end we would like to emphasise that the club is situated in the most famous part of the Reeperbahn district of Hamburg and of course at the deep night time after work it is sometimes dirty on the streets but by the early morning everything has always been cleaned again.

Thank you and welcome to the Club A LA CHARM!

on September 8, 2018

I must admit, you are right. You cannot make everyone happy.

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