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4 on July 10, 2017

how about stripping in brussels ? IM NEW HERE ANYONE WORKED HERE BEFORE,

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3 on February 8, 2018

Belgium is very bad country to work as a dancer you will never get rich there in brussels there is not even one strip club,there is a house named Scenario next to highway but i heard only bad opinions also antwerpen is realy realy bad the worst clubs are Amnesia and Abilux running by albenians you work long houres from 21-5 am!!!! for only 45€ gage there is no costumers at all only some pakistans, turkish and drugaddicte you must to be on stage all night!!!!! Yes you hear me good dosent realy matter if its people or no you alwayes need to be on the stage girls(3-4 girls per shift 😳) are horrible looking fat ugly no make up looking like zombie without any motivation cheap cheap girls not a dancers!!! the Patric a boss is a real asshole very shity person normaly in antwerpen in other clubs you start work at 23-5 like Silk Club and Myoo but him open from 21-5am and him saying in case control come to say that you are having 2h break !!! But you dont!!What a sick bastard!!Maybe they just laundry money….. and need few idiots in club …
So in my opinion if you want go belgium try Silk Club very good bosses correct money normal houers working good tips 100% for you regular costumers about Myoo i find out not for me licking my body to get gage i might be stupid also this black man running to check how much tips you got its pathetic … Dorsia is shit off too its more or less slavery place working houers ridicalus even up to 10 am and Stefano a boss is bad ass too .
There been a open last year new club in Kjortik next to France border i heard is ok but never been there.

on February 24, 2018

Hi Rea and thanks for your precious feedbacks, always appreciable 🙂 I was thinking about working in Belgium as well but what you told me made me scared lol 

Have you ever tried l’Empire in Brussels?

It makes me depressed to see how slow is the industry in Europe…

Still thanks for your review 🙂


on February 27, 2018

Nop never work or heard anything good about that place i can recomand you in germany clubs in US army base very good earning let me know in priv message if you like to go there stay safe
Best regards

on April 5, 2018

Hi Rea, please could u recommend some clubs in Germany? Thank u:)

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