Check the new click-to-apply-directly service from Starlife Agency

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Not many agencies publish their job offers with clubs’ names and all details displayed for everybody. To get all this information girls usually have to beg for it. Starlife Agency has been different. They have always played with open cards and published all information. But now I was surprised to see that they have started a new click-to-apply-directly service – they have published clubs’ job ads on their website and they call girls to click on these to contact the clubs directly. This service is free of charge and seems to be good for girls who prefer to get information from the agency but to apply for a job directly. Chances to become hired directly may be better with those clubs which keep their recruiting costs as low as possible and therefore prefer candidates without any agency fee per girl per day to be paid. How long this service has been available? Has anyone tried it?

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Dear Annestar,
Starlife agency don’t do any favor to a girls as all the same clubs you can find even here on link are absolutely the same service. Starlife taking money from clubs and promoting them as the same so there is no open card or any suppurt, if you would had a look better mostly of those clubs which are “open” are actualy on many agencies blacklist and they are there not without reason, they done something wrong and of course for those clubs to find girls much easier is to pay to starlife agency and become “clean” again. But what about those people who was hurt by those clubs??? So all good again?
But maybe lets start from begining who is “StarLife”? who is owner? Anyone knows? madam with surname Mandre, wife of Indrek Mandre who was charged and inprisoned for human traficing long time ago, so this agency got closed down and after that new agency was born in Estonia “Star Life” here is link for those who wants to make it sure what is what.
So please, no need to promoto those who are hiding and making money from bad clubs one way and tell how good they are they are playing with open cards.
Best of luck

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