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Updated on October 20, 2019 in General Striptalk
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always ask from pictures and videos from the club, the apt, the rooms.
Often happens that the agent or club owner say to you “good living conditions” and then you find out the apt is new but 6 km from the city center, or in the city center but old, dirty, with uncomfortable beds, no pans, pot, dishes… girls sleeping on a mat in the floor;
I think that if any of us dancers but first of all PERSONS, start asking for better living conditions, with no fears of agents or owners, everything will be better, We are there for work, and it’s an hard job, club owners make a lot on money on us and we deserve the perfect living conditions such as comfortable beds, WiFi, apt in the city center near the club, clean bedsheets every week, no smoking environment, clean apt.

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