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Molim preporuku za klub u Deutchland.Idem ovih dana pa trazim najbolju varijantu.ako ima neka preporuka i van Deutch. Sve je dobro doslo.Hvala

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We are a table dance club in Hamburg and we are searching 2-3 girls for right now and September. We can work with dancers coming for a week (or more) or just for a weekend.

Our club has a very nice location and situated right in the beginning of the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany. We also have free apartments for dancers, just 200 m from the club, with just 5.50€ daily payment for electricity and other public services.

We pay 50€ garanteed fee daily, with an official contract.

The percentage for drinks and private dances can be

1) drinks 20% – private dances 40% or
2) drinks 30% – private dances 30%

If you are interested, please contact us at: or per whatsapp: 0049 176 311 87 322

Best wishes
Your club A LA CHARM

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