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has anyone worked with agency mav models or diamond dolls agency

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15 on December 7, 2015

has anywone worked for this two agency before and do u have any information in what club and how it was over there

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14 on December 7, 2015

he is very polite and messages you everyday to know if you are ok which isn’t bad but now I know he used to do that because he doesn’t really study before the clu he is working with before posting them on his website. He sent me to the club of his Portuguese friend which is the dirtiest club I have ever been in my life. The hated me because I didn’t want to have sex with clients, even other Romanian went out of there very scared, the manager was so unpolite and no profesional (gypsy Romanian). And when I told him that I wanted to leave to other place or something he told me to tell to the boss that I wanted go back home because the boss was his friend and he didn’t want problems with him, so Miguel was never worried about me lol .. another girl that left from there (she lasted only 2 days or something lol) she told me she wasn’t going to work with Miguel anymore because she was afraid that somebody f***s her there lol and she mentioned me that club only lasted 3 days in the Diamonds Doll website, so I can guarantee what the other girls says about that agency. Chris saved me a couple of times 😀 (SincityEntretainment) but he is a little bit slow finding places, still he is quite clean and better than Miguel, I prefer to wait a few days for a clean club than 1 day for a nightmare, like the one I had in that place

on December 7, 2015

I have worked with both agencies and it is clear that what they want is to earn money like we do, that’s ok. Diamond Dolls is a very professional agency. When you go to their website you would see  they only have 100% clean clubs,which is very important to me. I worked in many of them and I never had any problem, no touching rules, nice staff… and he finds you a place as soon as he is able to. Whenever I’m travelling with Diamond I know I will go to a safe club and also that I can make money because clubs pay you correctly. If you want to travel arround Europe they are a good option. When I worked with Mav Models he send me to the worst club in the city, dirty and with a very agressive staff. He doesn’t know who he is working with and I used to live with rats in the appartament. YES, RATS! When I decided to leave, the boss didn’t pay me and he told me to ask the money to Miguel. It’s been a few months since that and I still can’t see my money and I am sure that I won’t. It is not the way to work. Terrible agency, I can’t believe that still exists…

on December 7, 2015

Diamond dolls in the UK?

on December 7, 2015

Don’t trust Mavmodels, they cheat people and the person running it is Romanian. Not saying that is bad, but the agency is not a good one, try another one. Try

on December 7, 2015

Mav Models.

Regardless of your personal and subjective opinion, I find it shameful to have as an argument for your opinion the fact that I would be Romanian. (Actually, I am Portuguese living in Romania)

It’s pretty clear that your answer says more about you than about my agency (Including the desperate way of making publicity for your agency!)


on December 7, 2015

That is not true and you know it. Everybody knows the truth about your agency now, I don’t need to tell them. I’m not trying to score points because I don’t send the girls to brothels and they know it!

on December 7, 2015

Diamond Dolls

Hello Lady’s
Agntura Dimond Dolls are correct and good
I worked for them long time and I was good without problem
You have to just try and you will see .
I wish you nice time ….Rochelle


on December 7, 2015

Diamond Dolls Much better

I will travel only with diamond they are very professional while mav models the agent is romenian and him putting in best clubs his romenian girls and other sending  whatever i dont trust him anymore……….


on December 7, 2015

I do my best for the dancers with whom I work to be satisfied but it’s normal to have opinions both for and against considering that each dancer is different.  

As I said above, I am portuguese. Yasmin, what you are saying makes no sense. And this is because i don’t pick the place where the dancers want to work. They choose the club. But of course, there are also  girls who really don’t know how to work and for them no club is good.

on April 3, 2016

Girls, you are right about both agencies. It is about making money. I promise you that I actually care about the dancers and I only have good clubs. Some of them on my website may be old clubs when I first started, but I always give honest reviews to all girls even if it means me losing money. I would prefer to gain your trust than to make quick money. It is no good for me to make quick money then get bad reviews like these other agencies. Come work for me girls, I always take care and look after my dancers

on April 5, 2016

I think so it is very unprofessional to promote your own agency this way. You should score good agency name with good dancers reviews, but not from your self.


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