Life strip club , Porto

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3 on February 15, 2018

the Owner has two clubs, one in downtown, one out of the city. The first one is very, very small. It’s not possible to breathe. The stage is very old, you can easily hearts yourself, also really small (but they ask about 3-songs of show, in the space 1×1). The manager, Hungarian, old stripper , instead of managing the team still one of them. She doesn’t treat girls the same, so of course new girls can’t earn good money (of course in every new club is not easy in the beginning but she was angry when guys choosing me instead of “her” girls. She is the most interested about your private life, what r u doing befor and after work (gossips and questions everyday). They have a company flat and drive u home everyday (60€/week), if for example we wanted to come back alone, next day she didn’t talk to us😂
But when other girls were lying drunk on the floor, was ok.
I have never seen smaller changing room than there(1×2, not more) , for 10 girls.
The Russian waiter so slow, the most interested about gossips as well.
The other club, q little bit out of the city, looks beautiful, big stage (looks like in American movie), clean, a lot is space everywhere.
Manager driving girls home as well. He’s drinking and driving. He doesn’t control anything. You have 2 cocktails per night but you can ask for how much u want, that’s why girls r drunk , you can’t even imagine (sleeping and lying on the floor, falling out of the stairs). Is no tourists there, maybe 2%, the rest r regular coustomers. No money! Girls not to much nice, jealous.
About the apartment. Bad location , 1h walking from downtown. For this price you can find a nice room in the city center or in front of the beach. The bathroom disgusting, black and green ceiling. Broken bedroom door , broken closets. 2 girls in one room 2×2. Comfortable beds and big shopping center 2min walking. After doing the laundry 10cm water in the kitchen, no even water cooker.
About the owner. Nice guy in general, he would like to make everyone happy but he believes everything what both managers saying, loosing a lot of customers and money. In my opinion, he’s afraid of changes and doesn’t see that only few girls want to make money, the rest is interested of everything accept this.
Very bad experience.

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1 on May 30, 2018

thanks for support, its clean?

on September 6, 2019

Changes are being done, new spaces for dances. Improvements in each one of those clubs.

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0 on November 21, 2019

Now, those clubs are separated. The Life Carvalhos (Porto – Gaia), now is mine, so different owner and management.
Among the changes are the rules about drinks, a renovation of the space, new things are being build, to be more atractive. A new and fresher way to drive the business. Including changes about apartments, obviously.
Your review is very importat to us to have better house to workers and clients.

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