Paradise show bar Norway !!! Bad experience

Updated on January 6, 2020 in Your Club Experience Europe
0 on January 6, 2020

Hey girls , just to explain how was my club experience in Norway .
This club is really bad they take a lot of commission for the dances and drinks , the manager is always angry and put pressure to make the girls pay for drinks mostly champagne , not that much girls , most of them are east European with one who is norvegian and she thinks that she is the queen of the club or the house , they are not welcoming for the accommodation it’s usually 2 girls per room but some girl doesn’t like to share the room with other people and to talk to customer we need to queue up to go to them and girls are arguing for the drop off always arguing about who is gonna go with the first car my advise is to not go there the money is really bad here .

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