What do you earn in New Zealand?

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Anybody working in Auckland or elsewhere in NZ?  What do you make per night?  And which club do you recommend?  Thanks ladies!! 🙂

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Showgirls Custom Street

I’ve started stripping in Showgirls in auckland. Best club/days of my life!!

I have got a loooong list of pros for this club 🙂 And if I had a visa, I’d go there and strip again.

First,no experience needed, no high class standings for who they accept. You can be any weight you want. The club has the most amazing stage I’ve seen so far. Not high poles buthigh enough. But they got a swing, bath, shower, lasers, 4 poles, they do shows thursdays/fridays/saturdays nights. They even have a dayshift!! Which I loved. Even during the day, And I am not a huslter!! I would make at least 100nzd. Youcan make up to 300/600 a dayshift if you’re good 😉 And more on nightshifts. You keep all the tips, and they take half or less on private dances 🙂


The atmosphere with the girls was very friendly because we were not all top mdels and that helped getting rid of competitivity.


I know your post is old but for the other strippers wanting to start in the industry, or strip in NZ, I truly recommend it. The place is safe as well. 

I hope this helped 🙂


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