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where work in switzerland ?

Updated on December 7, 2015 in Your Club Experience Europe
14 on December 7, 2015

that place is good to work in switzerland in February ???

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13 on December 7, 2015

Six Days was okay!

I worked in six day last autumn. i was very surprised about 2 jacuzzi.. BUT i didn’t have sex there. i make my Money with packages and some jacuzzi. i never was completely naked Inside jacuzzi, i had always my String on… of course customers tried to have sex but i was playing with them i let make for me a Long Massage and After i told them. they should take a Long shower and After the time was finished. for me it was not bad there… but yes its true there are a lot of albaninan People .. i never worked with them … but i saw how they touched girls… it was verY Dirty . i think for me it was ok, because i also speak German. i can’t say nothing bad about this club. its like everywhere.. some girls works clean.. another works dirty. but if u are smart enough u will find a way to earn Money there without sex. its not easy to work there clean, but its possible.

on December 7, 2015

Six Day Strip Club

I have been worked in SixDay club. It was my first club where i start to dance. 
yes a lot of albanish guys, they pay max.1 dance or glass of drink and want to toch you. But also if you know how to work and you are nice looking, there are clients who pays. I think almoust in every club exist some girls who make money in dirty way..and this club is not expection. There is lot of champagne and girls get really fast drunk, and theres often some small fight with girls, but usually it was between rumenia girls. They just are really with big characters ūüôā Owner who manage the girls is really nice lady, she never cheated me with money or anybody else who i know. The apartment yes is not so nice, but its free and you have all that you need there. ¬†

In general in Swiss are no more cleanest club, but this..Sixday is busy on weekends, in a week is pretty empty..but never know, sometimes you can make money on monday better then in friday ūüôā

Its all depend of you, how you wotk, and if you want to earn money, its possible!  


on December 7, 2015


i am thinking about going there aswell. they offered me a job there. But am not sure. What i am reading here doesnt sound good. 

Does anyone have more information? What about the jacuzzi? Customers are allowed to touch themselves there? and in privates? do i have to touch them 

on December 7, 2015

Six Day a Big NO NO

I worked in Six day (Yes, day, not dayS) for couple of weeks. Really, I don’t think I would ever go back.¬†

First of all, Albanian customers. They want to tuch you, kiss you, lick you, all that for one swiss frank. Honestly, Albanians are one of the worst customers ever and this club is full of them. So I really think thaht girls who work there make their money in a clean way. And there is two jacuzzies in the club, yes. 

Also, the Polish manager is not intimidating girls, it is not true, to me she was correct, but this club in general is no good.


on December 7, 2015


There is one club in Geneve called “Le sensi” , the boss told me it’s a very clean club and there is some money to make ; The club has a good reputation in Geneve¬† , but i’ve never worked there . I will try it in april may be . If somebody knows more about this place , girls , please leave your comment here ūüôā

on December 7, 2015

Dont go to Six Days St Gallen!

they robbed there and everything is incorrect its not a lap dance it is a public house there is jacuzzy and condoms in a machine in corridor the maneger is polish trash shes not paying correct money shes also intimadate girls its not a safe place they shoudl close this hole fast its possible not smthg bad happend to other girls be aware from this place there is no money and they will rob you from your personal staff !!!

on December 7, 2015

Six Days from St Gallen Is the BEST CLUB !

I’s clean, safety, rich customers, you can earn a lot of money,¬†no sex.

The accomodation is very clean and nice and the manager is the best with a very good and professional management.

I advice all girls to try this club, they have a lot of patience and offer free training for beginers girls.

You have fix salary + percentage from drinks and table dance.

I work a lot of time in this club with PacoAgency, you can read more details about the club on this link :



on December 7, 2015

Appartnent r horrible &  owner is bad..

on December 7, 2015

yes , apartment horrible & they try to cheat wirh money .. buy there is money ti make .. so it’s up to u ..

on December 7, 2015

Dash You are Lier!

My name is Alexandra, I`m from Romania-Bucharest and I worked last year in¬†Six Day¬†where I make a lot of¬†money ,¬†competent club management, nice, clean¬†and friendly¬†ambiance. The manager is the best, she supports and helps you in any problem you have¬†BUT not “TO STEAL”

Dasha, you are responsible for¬†your¬†actions!!! It’s normal and corect to been kicked out by ¬†the club if you stol the notebook of Michelle.

Be honest! Your reputation procedes you wherever you go.

on December 7, 2015

Not True

I m from Hungary and I work in Six Day – St Gallen for 11 months now , many girls from Poland , Romania , Slovakia are working like me for long time in Six Days .. I ve tried many clubs before and I m happy to find a place like Six Day where I make money , it’s safe , the manager is very nice and profesional .¬†


Dasha , I think you are the girl from Czech R who stol the notebook of Michelle the other days and you been kicked out by  the club .. I dont understand why you did this ?  You been working in the Six Day for more then 6 months ? 

And now .. to get revange because you lost one good club to work , you just put a rubbish note on Six Days ..  20 other girls can confirm oposite .. this club is very serious , the manager is nice , pay money in time and all the time .. 

Also girls if you want to have a profesional opinion , you can contact Paco Agency ( ) , this agency is VERY PiCKY in choosing clubs where book the girls . Agency has 4 years colloboration with the Six Days , more then 100 girls come from the agency through the time . 


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